Solar Screen Shades Offer UV Protection While Maintaining A View

Solar Screen Shades are one of the most popular window shades this time of year on Long Island. From May through October the sun can be harsh. Solar Screen Shades offer UV protection allowing you to protect your furniture, flooring and artwork.

Solar Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades

You can choose various levels of opacities on Solar Screen Shades. The different levels of opacity help you maintain the stunning views of the outdoors. You can select the level of privacy and the view you prefer. Solar Screen Shades come in a variety of colors from simple to bold. Make a dramatic design statement in any room of your home or office with bold colors. Choose from purple, pink, gray and blues. The hues are just exceptional.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades offer 75% protection from the most harmful UV rays. Without the proper window coverings your furniture, flooring and artwork can easily be damaged from the sun. Designer Screen Shades have a limited lifetime guarantee. Designer Screen Shades are custom-assembled in the United States with the highest quality. Choose from a designer screen shade to a roller shade with an easy to use clutch system. The clutch system is easy to operate and has a smooth operation with minimal noise. Designer Screen Shades, roller shades, solar screen shades, or sunscreen shades as they are often referred to have a clean and attractive look on the window.Designer Screen Shades

Your window shades come with a fabric covered headrail for a sleek, modern design. The shade is concealed into the headrail as it rises. You can also add a matching bottom rail for a completely coordinated look. The technology of solar shades is unsurpassed with minimal light gaps and easy operation.

Dress your windows this summer with a Designer Screen Shade. Contact Blinds N’ All for more information about solar screen shades or sunscreen shades.

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